Pure Maple Syrup

Every Spring we collect nutritionally rich maple sap from the trees on our 73-acre farm in Port Howe, Nova Scotia. Unlike some producers we do NOT add any chemicals to our maple syrup – it is 100% maple syrup. The flavour and colour of the syrup changes from a golden colour with a delicate taste to a deep dark, full-flavoured colour with a strong taste. Our maple syrup is now available for purchase!

There are four colour classes of Grade A pure maple syrup

The lighter the syrup, the earlier in the season it’s produced and the more delicate the flavour; the darker the syrup, the later in the season it’s produced and the more full-bodied the flavour. It’s just a matter of personal preference as to which syrup is right for you.

Pure high quality maple syrup is a natural and nutritious sweetener and a smart choice as a sweet topping or for use in baking and cooking. Researchers have shown that maple syrup has a higher nutritional value than all other common sweeteners. It also has one of the lowest calorie levels of common sweeteners. It is a very good source of mineral nutrients and vitamins.

See what pure local maple syrup tastes like.

If you are interested in purchasing our Maple Syrup please call us at 902.397.2612. You can schedule a pick up at our farm in Port Howe, NS. We can also ship your syrup to you for the additional charge for postage. Please contact us for details. 

The 250 ml Maple Syrup is $13.00 and the 500 ml is $20.00. We accept Cash, Credit Cards and Debit Cards.